Agrarian crisis is equally ours.

My eyes are wide open, not because of insomnia but because I feel what if I sleep and capitalism conquers my consciousness when I am unconscious? How the farmers deal with this daily? All her life she ploughs the fields and yet not considered to be a farmer, he who walks 180 kilometres from Nasik to Mumbai in the calmest way possible, is again mocked as his timidity rather than civility. Do we wait for crisis? For rape? For disasters to happen so that we should get a purpose out of our Existential lifestyle where we are worthless.
Why? It will not take much time to accept the fact that there are serious life issues than your third world crisis.

We have time and again protested through online petitions for not banning porn, or getting sanitary napkin tax free but why we miss upon this on-going farmer agony? Just because it is not hampering you and me directly or because you are a classist and farmer issues have no class? You demand for free water but forgot about people suffering acute water scarcity, why?

Election 2019, research and design your own manifesto, put top 3 crucial topics and DEMAND through online/offline petitions, call for action. Do you know anything about Swaminathan Commission? No, it’s okay read now. You know everything about Game of thrones right? There is this very basic conceptual dialogue there — “You want to save your throne but for whom, when there will be no people?”
It’s never to late to think, Please. It’s all about collective consciousness which we are lacking, let the newspapers demand the manifesto of “we the people of India” on their front page.

Photographed and blogged by – Niharika Singh(Misha).


Apathy as therapy, what?

Vidharbha is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and it’s unfortunately biggest farmer suicide zone of India as well, ironically apathetic no? How can people romanticize poverty? Kids deprived of education, selling their hunger for amusements….

That day, kids were distorting themselves in some alienated expressions of art and I saw the crowd laughing on it, they twisted hard, people laughed harder. There I was imagining what level distortion it will take for people to stop laughing and start hiding their faces?

What they were even laughing at, cheek bones falling apart? ribcages floating all over their skin? Their eyes screaming misery of underprivileged? Numb I was, trying to look deeper, no not philosophically but as another human, there was no fun in sighting them like this for sure. Apathy yes may be. What am I suppose to conclude? Weirdness? Define it? Crisis art? Tribalism? Folk? Guilty Art? Somber thrills? Poverty monochromes? Hypocrisy? Parities?

Photography and caption- Niharika (Misha)

Breaker of chains or makers of chains ?

Do they deserve these chains? I feel so small when I look around in a zoo, self centric, hedonistic, extremely mean as a human being who needs to consume upon other species’ freedom to explore the liberties of it’s own. Whenever I visit monuments and amusement parks the most absurd thing is that it never amused me, it just made me feel guilty, extremely sorry for being the most advanced and intellectual organisms on Earth. I can’t blame you but I can confront ‘us’, all of us together for such cruelty. The capitalism controls, the performative end of money, power, entitlement of our desire to rule makes us the victim of humanity. We the most sophisticated creatures on Earth having no image in the eyes of animals, I imagine what if all of a sudden animals start talking, nobody will be a sacrosanct, nobody would bear their eyes, for it is naive or too silly to imagine, to notice. You digested it, you are okay with it now, worst part is you now justify it, encourage it, promote it. You are no more conscious, There is where i differ. I am a vegetarian but not a vegan hence I am no one to scrutinize a non-vegetarian but I vehemently look into the eyes of people who say, “Oh you should try non-vegetarian, you don’t know what are you missing in your life” well, I know what are you missing, the very essence of organic and conscious benevolence.

Photographed and written by me. To contact, read the bio of my blog.

Location : Melghat tiger reserve.

“Her cost is just 20 rupees”

She was barely having any clothes to hide her scratch marks, my naked eye of humanity got ransacked encountering the vehemently punished sense of Humanity. She was a 14 years old girl sleeping spiritlessly in a bathroom sized room on a raucous mattress shrinking her arms and legs into one. She suddenly woke up and asked in her chocked voice “Kya chahiye?”

In India prostitution is the new untouchability. 2018 I decided to visit to
Delhi’s most infamous area GB road and Chawri Bazar at night. Me and my friend who is also a budding journalist from Noida planned one Saturday night to actually go and observe how distressful it is to see the
sexual disparities of women in the national
capital like Delhi. Before getting into the
emotional distortion of my non-fiction, the
position of prostitution in India should be
quantified yet it is one of the most stereotyped, tabooed and hypocritical narrative to debate around. There are more than 657,000 prostitutes in India in 2016 data, cities like Bombay, Delhi and Kolkata are disguising massive markets
regarding this.

Prostitution exists and everybody knows that, still unmoved. There are no social laws to guide the mentality. Dismantling the hierarchal hypocrisy, we need to find whether Prostitution is legal in India or not? If it is legal then why child trafficking? If illegal then what about those brothels who treat women as commodities.

Why so obscure? Why pimps and brothels are shabby and shady ? In December 2009
Supreme Court touching the most sensitive
question asked the government that if they
cannot stop, why not make it legal? The matter boiled up in newsroom debates and condensed there only. Again the questions were raised when Lalita Kumar Mangalam former chairperson of the National Commission for Women said that she will make Prostitution legal in India, many women activists raised their voices against it. Destitution of this debate is either way women have to suffer as there is no permanent solution to patriarchy and
growing capitalism where power and money rules and regulates.

Now let’s look up to what will happen if we legalize prostitution in India, proposed submissions are highly optimistic saying it can stop human trafficking human
trafficking, sexual exploitation of women,
can save women from the violence and cruelty of Police and society for being a prostitute, can help modifying the
prospective of sex and woman, can keep check on STDs and HIV infections, can improve the living standards of women working in such areas, can provide better education to their children, can normalize the idea of women with sexual desires as men, can ask the customers to take accountability and lastly can improve the safety and security of a women working In such fields. Similar fundamentals where also supported by Swati Maliwal chief of Delhi commission of women in 2018 where she said that the only possible solution
to end prostitution is to make it visible through legalizing it in Delhi. But
the whole narrative seems idealistic and without structure as India is no Utopian society. There are many laws already made and never regulated like child labor.

Criticisms against legalizing sexual trade
seems more powerful as it shows the sides of sheer nakedness and animalism of Indian society. Prostitution is not one problem but an inter-connected mess of social issues. When you say legalization of sex will improve the living standards of women working in that sector, the question ‘How’ demolishes the debated as there were never absolute independent and honest regulators in India for already existing laws like child labor and free primary education. Even in the most posh societies of South Delhi, child labors can be easily found in homes. Hence
the irony is that there is hardly any regulation followed correctly regarding the
most visible evils like child labor, child
marriage, female feticide etc so how can we say that making laws will make it any better rather it can boom the pockets of sex racketeers and child traffickers and dooms the whole concept of consent.

Arguments having criteria questioning what about emotional health ? Depression and mental isolation from the society as we can see clearly in European Nations where
prostitution is legal women are more
addicted to drugs to escape psychological
introspections and guilt. There is no bottom line for now, there can’t be a black and white solution to it as for now in India 70
percent of sex workers according to ground level activists like Nandita Rao are the result of child trafficking here prostitution is not consensual but forced.

India where sex education is judged and
demoralized, sex workers will have to face
philosophical vacuum for ages to mix. The idea of prostitution shouldn’t be like “ A man can pay to consume a women’s body sexually”. This change in narrative will take time, the legalization of sex is still a political question where it should be societal and physiological. But what about that 14year old girl I left in the brutalities of that brothel and escaped, her eyes still haunts my nights, I can’t forget the smell of the room full of used protections all over the place, it smelled like someone died there, actually she dies there daily. I was numb and looking towards her, fumbling upon my helplessness when suddenly I felt an unforgivable and unforgettable grip over shoulder, I turned back and a lady with cold eyes asked my friend how much money he can pay, I was unable to understand the damage of the whole situation and there I heard her manly rustic voice announcing “20rupay ek raat ka” for the girl terror haunted in the corner of obscurity. My friend and i somehow managed to run away after giving all our money to the pimp lady. Later i got to know that even the autowalas and local policemen are involved in this whole dystopia.

But I am not scared,
I will go there again.

Travelling – my Uncertainity principle.

Every way has serendipity to say,
Every stone splits alone,
To all those who wonder,wander, ravel,
To all those who never know how to settle,
The only profession I know is to travel,
Into the wild, the mountains, the skyline
I announce, Change is my only divine.

– Niharika Singh ( Misha Thakur)

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🙂 cheers to all who can relate.

Arbitrary Dandelions

Don’t be fashionable or stylish ,
Become timeless, become Art.
How you define yourself shouldn’t limit but set you free.
Ask yourself, ‘ Are you Suffering your Fashion OR wearing it ?’
My kinda fashion is free of heels but isn’t insecure of it.

My kinda fashion is like philosophy wrapped around my organs.
Have I found myself? No I have not !
I don’t know what’s so particular about what I write or read or wear or think,
actually this uncertainty is the only trampoline that keeps the art hopping.
I never followed any fashion icon
I don’t know what is trendy
I don’t care what others will think of what I wear, think, imbibe.
I am not that exclusive,
I don’t suffocate myself underneath the baggage of cool, sexy, or swaggy”
I just freely follow my heart
I connect more with the inclusivity of the Frame , the timelessness travelling inside pixels.

— Niharika Singh (Misha Thakur)


There are so many people breathing inside her,
She wants each one of them to touch life in their own way of perseverance,
She wants all of them to come out,
Dance with time as a partner in crime.
She pays the rent for being the cosmic joke of quantum uncertainties,
Her poetry is unheard most of time as her words are disguised like Higgs Bosons,
People who dare to entangle her, find themselves entwined!
She knows she can choose to forget all the roles,

can kill all the questioning dimensions within her,

Can easily deny not to transcend and exist on earth like others,

like nothing has ever happened, nothing


But she chooses not too and this will make her suffer,she knows!
she can’t be everyone so she chooses not to be anyone in particular,
she is over with the worldy certificates, awards and congratulations,
She can now anyday in her utter freedom and expression,
Walk somewhere in the abyss of unknown.
– Niharika Singh (Misha Thakur)


शब्द भी अब चल चल कर थक गये हैं और कदमो ने मंज़िल के माइने पूछना छोड़ दिया है
वो कविता जो मै लिखना चाहती हूं वो कभी पूरी नहीं हो सकती मान लिया,
क्यों कि,
समझ कि कोइ सीमा नहीं है और उस वजह से ये कहना कि किसके लेख, कला, काम, सोच, मे सब से ज़्यादा गहराई है बहुत मुश्किल है
और हम बराबरी के माइने भी क्या रखें? हम बराबरी करें ही क्यों ?
निराला ने भिक्षुक लिख तो दी और वो उनकी कालजयी रचनाओं मे से एक भी बनगई पर उस भिक्षुक के हालात आज भी वही है?
क्या शब्द सिर्फ ख़ुद पे खर्च करने के लिये बने है?
कुछ लोग खुदा पे भी कर देते है पर अगर किसी दिन खुदा सामने आजाये तो कैसे प्रभावित करेंगें सोच उन लोगों कि निशब्दता का अहसास होता है ख़ैर मैने तो कभी पूजा नहीं कि तो मेरे पास सब नये सवाल होगें पूछने को!
लिखने का काम बिना रूके चल रहा है इसमे लोग सोचते है कि क्या लिखे जो अलग हो, नया हो, क्रियेटिव हो, अविष्कारी हो, पर शब्द तो सोच से पैदा होतें हैं? और हमारी सोच तो ख़ुद एक उधार है जो समाज, स्कूल, हमारे आस पास जो घटित होता है उससे ही बनती है? आविशकार में भी हम इसी दुनिया कि चीज़ों को दूसरे अपरिचित लोगों से परिचित करा रहे होते है!
तो इंसान का अपना विचार आपना नज़रिया कहा है?
अगर कोई मापदंड ना हो तो सब कलाकार है सब शाइंनटिस्ट है सब बुद्धिजीवी है सही?
सही क्या है? कौन तय करेगा?
प्रेम? इसका आविष्कार किसने किया? हम सब ने? हा, तो हम आइंस्टीनी से कम कैसे?
कम? कम काम तो मेरे पापा ने भी नहीं किया, मेरी तरह सब छोड़ कर पहाड़ों पर जाने का मन उनका भी होगा, उनका भी मन होगा सिर्फ किताबे लिखने का, चित्र बनाने का, दुनिया को घंटों देखते रहने का और समझने का,
पर वो हमारे साथ रहे हमारे लिये कहीं नहीं भागे, तो क्या उनको कम क्रियेटिव बोल दें?
पता नहीं गौतम बुद्ध का बेटा उनसे जरा भी प्यार करता होगा कि नहीं, दुनिया करती है ये मै जानता हूँ, पर हमारे पिता जी ने हम लोगों को ही दुनिया मान लिया तो समझ जाओ महानता की भी कोई निर्धारित जीवनी नहीं,
कोइ किसी से कम नहीं है और मेरे शब्दों का आकार किसी से छोटे या बड़ा नहीं है ना ही मेरे जीवन का!
दुनियां को समझकर इसमे रहना किसी इनर कॉनफ्लिट से कम नहीं है!
ये पढकर आपको लगेगा कि मै किसी लूप मे फसी हूं
हा हो सकता है पर आप मुझे निकालने का प्रयास ना करे,
मुझे इसमे बहुत मज़ा आरहा है !
– नीहारिका सिंह (मिशा)

Here and there, everywhere.

You know,
life is raining all over the place,
Forget using umbrella, be the grace,
Just get wet,
wet in insanities,
sugarcoat yourself in calamities,
Borrow someone’s dancing shoes,
Or dance without pairing the boots,
Dip your soul into different bodies,
And just mock-out the serious fools,
Lose the grip and relinquish the fear,
Smell more, taste words,
eat the metaphors in your morning prayer,
At last, you are nothing and who cares,
A drop of entropy in the universe we all share.
— Misha Thakur (Niharika Singh)

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