​I really don’t know what you perceive when I say modelling. For some it’s the collection of stylish clothes, shimmery lip colours, flawlessly flowing hair and what not ! But then accordingly -I am a complete outsider in case of modelling. 

I am no model for advertising anything which is less than being human. I don’t go for waxing, threading or shopping before getting myself clicked, yes I like it that way – random, rugged, crude and raw.

 I like people wearing stories rather than make up, I like eyes not with perfect strokes of eyeliner or kajal on it but the smokiness  of smudged black around. People like me prefer to wear Metaphors around their palms, their curves are not perfect but they convince them like their child, their ankles are locked with freedom of flats rather than those suffocating fancy heals and by saying all these materialistic things.

I am not at-all criticising those models who put a lot of efforts in getting ready but it’s just I am trying to explain how effortless I believe in being the subject for the object(camera). 

So hence, If it’s not the hierarchical modeling then Either I may be a complete Noob or a Revolution, but I do it this was only, my way, the way most humans without layers could touch and resonate.