Most people don’t have it actually, Spine or the backbone or the vertebral column or the descent of Medulla Oblongata touching your Kundalini. 

No biologically they have it but mentally they are too empty to standing with their words nowadays. When I need people – rare of the rare times though, I want them to lend me their spine, their stretch of confidence, their sheer firm. 
I see more spine in the kids than in adults or grown ups kids(teens) you can say. It’s easy to find spine in dogs than people. They literally suck when it comes to concrete taboo issues Like Sex and women , Rape culture, Marriage, Equality and Equity, Patriarchy, Existentialism, Religion .

I am not saying getting vulnerable is weak or getting weak is bad or being bad is permanent because permanent is the biggest transience. What I mean to say is so much hidden in every reader, that it’s ok to wear an opinion, that it’s ok get judgemental after observations, that it is ok to take stand and debate, that it’s ok to say I have a spine for every thing changing into clarity and more substantial. 

Every water Drop is capable of withdrawing an Ocean inside, just trust the potential. 

Don’t let yourself being drown somewhere inside the opaque chaos of Stereotypical legacy. Talk and appreciate, talk and criticise, talk and redeem -but initiate. No topic is taboo, no subject is characterless or sacred or dark when you hold a backbone flexible enough to bring it into lights.