Do not expect people to guide you out. Don’t expect them to eat the hurdle which falls in your plate. You look outside so much that you forget your way to inside.

You start confusing peace with pleasure, travel with treasure, adventure with amenities.

If you wake up each day to get validations, considerations and acceptance by others you will never feel satisfied and enough because when you start finding yourself among several thousands views, judgments, criticism, advice, warnings, their own failures and their own formulas to success, frustations and what not! Eventually you will start filling yourself up with vengeance, negativity, darkness, self negligence, lack of redemption, growth and self transformation because people do fake out and if you do manage to find someone honest out of the blue then you know what? 

Reality is relative, what they suggest is their own version of problems Vs solutions and is not at all ideal. Why don’t you create yours rather than borrowing it at risk of failure because even you fail, you know who to blame at first place and why? Hence, lower the risk of befooling yourself by blaming others. 

You should know yourself the best before someone else, your win, your loss, your happiness, your flaws all should be celebrated by you before the audience outside announce it Loud, your inside audience should applaud or remorse first. Inhibitions are there because we don’t talk to ourself. You belong to no ones tagline, stereotype, colour, creed, possession or obsession of someone else’s reflection because you belongs to yourself.

Success is not constant and so as failure, they are always relative to subject of comparison. The people who criticise you today may cheer for you some other day but you know whose the constant person through all your black-white-grey and blue-green days ? It’s you, recognize that !

The sooner you realise that no one is perfect enough to judge you and no one is versatile enough to understand you and no one is complete enough to fill you, the better frequencies you will witness and fuller you will feel.

So stop emptying yourself for others because the Map of your journey lies inside you and all you have to reach is for your arms hugging you like no other.