Here are 10 quotes I wrote when I was going through anxiety issues which I think will help you too to resolve inside:

Sometimes the abandoned lost and lustrous galaxies give rise to star clusters and planets so wild that anyone outside dare not to understand or tame the majesty but they do follow the ripples of colliding black holes while the wanderers return back to home of nowhere.

* No matter how hard you try to shape your outer world according to the frame of desires and  bliss, the longing for peace will only rest when you shape it inside.

* Talking to one’s own self may be considered as an act of madness or psychic issues but don’t listen to them who say this rather talk to yourself in the way you are with all the worries and mistakes and guilts you have,  trust me it heals. 

Once you learn how to walk you can walk all through your life but it doesn’t mean you will never fumble in future because those are the rhythms of life size invisible piano, nobody knows about the high and low notes. Only practice can make you go smoother. 

Many people are scared of experimenting new things or the things they once failed. The fear of yesterday can consume the possibilities of today. So,  remember One today holds the power to erase all the yesterdays. 

The very illusive thought about being in love is keep talking oblivion. But in reality there are gaps and silences and days without any actual conversations and those are days when people can’t believe the discourse. For that you must know if you can’t sustain with silence and accommodate gaps, you can’t ever handle love.

People underrate humour and sarcasm and overrate intelligence for which I think intelligence is fatal because it will die proving itself but humour needs no acknowledgement rather holds a sarcastic laugh and leaves.

Life is contemporary. There are furrows I don’t want to be filled, hills I regret climbing, separations I celebrate and guilts I romanticise. I do believe in magic of tears as smiles. There is purpose to eeverything until you don’t get stuck at one. 

I stay very indifferent from calculating results for all I have is this day with no past participating in it and no future ahead. 

Be a collector of stories about people who inspire, of small kids who revolt against stereotypes, or traditions left behind in the race of innovations,  of countries avoiding war by Burning themselves, and relate yourself to them, recite stories of your growth as you are young and fully functional because you can easily deny death but can’t stop wrinkles replacing glow. Utilise yourself now.

*All the pictures are self portraited mobile shots.