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Atheism – The Odyssey 

​Believe me it’s hard not to believe – 

I am an atheist last since 5 years from now and believe me it’s not about being trendy, cool, ignorant, arrogant, intolerant, haughty or cheek!

It was way painful initially. It was like someone suddenly said you are not who you are! It was like my curiosity pulled me into an abyss of never ending shuffle of questions and modified answers and innovations and discoveries and suddenly it seems like nothing exist for permanent except evolution and I am no sorry that the concept of God never pleased me regarding my queries. 

When I say I am Godless I don’t mean to say ‘ I am smarter than you -theists’ because when I say Godless or atheist – I am saying I am agnostic, clueless about the roots being the tree and it’s never the say of pleasure, my fellow theists! 

You know how devastating it was for me to deny the creator? You know how much anxiety I suffer even in till date I panic about loopholes, about wormholes, about blackholes, and dark matter -Yeah you guessed it right a physics enthusiast i am and I agree science is more familiar and kind towards my question of existence than God who choose not to answer anything directly! 

I am not saying I am getting any kind of satisfaction being a non-believer but definitely I nurture my curiosity each day being in search of that invisible, invincible! 

Experimenting God is so necessary now!

At-least I am not quitting against my anxiety and accepting the stereotypical, unreasonable legacies letting me into illusions of arrange marriage with the concept of God ! 

How can someone with no eyes to go through and no lips to follow – wants me to believe the unsaid  because being a writer I can read a blank face but not Literally! 

But I am thankful towards God for putting this question in my mind that if not He than Who? 

To be frank I know atheists are in the mid of nowhere, I know they struggle daily, I know when they say “atheist” people Judge them in no time, I know how it feels not having anyone to pray but to pay hardwork for anything you desire.

The biggest confusion I face while explaining myself to people is while making them understand that I am an atheist but I am Spiritual! Making them realise that No ! Spiritually is not all about having an imaginary creator’s acceptance.

Rather I can’t explain you my chaos of being an atheist. People who believe in god – Listen, I respect you, no offence but please don’t drag me into your world of imaginary enchantments or announcements I never heard to witness.   

I can’t just accept the reason you believe in God because everyone does the same and because you need faith to rest upon- because STOP! ” Faith is independent of God “ unless you are desiring out something from it! 

For the sake of reasoning–

“Believing is too old to innovate and question, I believe that temporary is the only permanent, I believe every moment is new and fresh and indifferent with the previous, I believe I should question each and everything I am theistic for – each day so that I can answer my world of atheists and discard myself if I fail to! ” 

For I am not growing old but transforming young peeling off my skin to let my soul be one with the universe and to Resonate with it’s natural frequency of Atheistic hymns.


Lend me your Spine 

Most people don’t have it actually, Spine or the backbone or the vertebral column or the descent of Medulla Oblongata touching your Kundalini. 

No biologically they have it but mentally they are too empty to standing with their words nowadays. When I need people – rare of the rare times though, I want them to lend me their spine, their stretch of confidence, their sheer firm. 
I see more spine in the kids than in adults or grown ups kids(teens) you can say. It’s easy to find spine in dogs than people. They literally suck when it comes to concrete taboo issues Like Sex and women , Rape culture, Marriage, Equality and Equity, Patriarchy, Existentialism, Religion .

I am not saying getting vulnerable is weak or getting weak is bad or being bad is permanent because permanent is the biggest transience. What I mean to say is so much hidden in every reader, that it’s ok to wear an opinion, that it’s ok get judgemental after observations, that it is ok to take stand and debate, that it’s ok to say I have a spine for every thing changing into clarity and more substantial. 

Every water Drop is capable of withdrawing an Ocean inside, just trust the potential. 

Don’t let yourself being drown somewhere inside the opaque chaos of Stereotypical legacy. Talk and appreciate, talk and criticise, talk and redeem -but initiate. No topic is taboo, no subject is characterless or sacred or dark when you hold a backbone flexible enough to bring it into lights. 

Modelling or Metaphor ?

​I really don’t know what you perceive when I say modelling. For some it’s the collection of stylish clothes, shimmery lip colours, flawlessly flowing hair and what not ! But then accordingly -I am a complete outsider in case of modelling. 

I am no model for advertising anything which is less than being human. I don’t go for waxing, threading or shopping before getting myself clicked, yes I like it that way – random, rugged, crude and raw.

 I like people wearing stories rather than make up, I like eyes not with perfect strokes of eyeliner or kajal on it but the smokiness  of smudged black around. People like me prefer to wear Metaphors around their palms, their curves are not perfect but they convince them like their child, their ankles are locked with freedom of flats rather than those suffocating fancy heals and by saying all these materialistic things.

I am not at-all criticising those models who put a lot of efforts in getting ready but it’s just I am trying to explain how effortless I believe in being the subject for the object(camera). 

So hence, If it’s not the hierarchical modeling then Either I may be a complete Noob or a Revolution, but I do it this was only, my way, the way most humans without layers could touch and resonate. 

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